Changing to Maths Lit

“Ma’am I have dropped to Maths Lit and I am in your class now.”

These are the words I hear in my classroom from time to time, usually at the beginning of a new term after learners receive their report marks.

I always say to them “Yes, you have changed to Maths Lit.”

Changing to Maths Lit is not something that learners need to be ashamed of. If a learner is not going to choose a career that  requires Maths Core, then it is not necessary for all the added pressure and for them to do work that will be irrelevant in their chosen career.

On the other hand, by doing Maths Lit, they will acquire useful life skills that they are more likely to use in adulthood. I have heard so many of my friends and family say they haven’t used most of the Maths they learned at school – they should have changed to Maths Lit (although it wasn’t around that long ago 😉 )

Maths Lit is a relatively new subject and it has been chosen by minority of learners, but I have a feeling this is going to change!



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