Why Individual Private Tuition?


During a lesson, learners are distracted by so many internal and external stimuli. Many learners are struggling with their own internal problems and then there are all types of noises inside and outside the classroom, like the clicking of a pen or birds chirping outside. Not to mention the distractions from disruptive learners in the classroom, a major challenge for teachers.

Although it is a teacher’s responsibility to maintain classroom discipline, it is not always possible to have a completely silent classroom and sometimes the message can get ‘lost’ from the teacher to the learner.

In my experience as a teacher, I have seen many learners struggled to grasp concepts that are taught to them in class. I don’t believe it is because they are not intellectually capable of grasping these concepts, but that they require a more focused and individually tailored environment in which they are able to receive the information directly and free from distractions.

This is why individual private tuition can be so beneficial as the learner is able to receive the information and skills that may have been, either partially or completely, missed during class.






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